For Tom Brady, Sleep is Serious Business

For Tom Brady, Sleep is Serious Business

Time is a precious commodity. In a fast-paced, media-saturated culture, time and attention are finite resources. The unsurprising result of their scarcity: getting a good night’s sleep isn’t a high priority for many Americans. For those struggling to keep up with constant digital media activity and the demands of work and family, sleep is an inconvenience.

That so many see sleep as an inconvenience that hinders productivity is problematic, as research increasingly confirms that sleep is critical to human health and physiological well-being.


John Singer Sargent, Peter Harrison Sleeping, 1905 (image courtesy of WikiArt)

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady ascribes to the view that sleep and well-being are inextricably linked. The elite athlete believes getting a good night’s sleep is critical to his performance on the football field. Back in 2014, Brady detailed his sleep habits in a Sports Illustrated interview. Now, his bedtime routine is the subject of public conversation once again. As part of their Dream In Black campaign, Brady has teamed up with Simmons to promote Beautyrest Black, a luxury mattress line. 

“Sleep is the ultimate luxury,” Brady says in an inaugural “Dream in Black” advertisement, which debuted this past May. Brady, who turns 39 in August, is at an age when most elite athletes–let alone NFL players–choose to retire. But Brady is determined to keep playing and getting plenty of sleep, he’s convinced, will help him prolong his football career. In his Beautyrest Black endorsement, Brady aims to raise public awareness of the importance of sleep and the crucial role it plays in human health. Brady hopes that the Simmons commercial, despite its playful tone, will motivate more people to take sleep more seriously.